Physio-Wellbeing Coaching

‘Empowering you to move, do what you love & live well’

What is physio-wellbeing coaching?

Physiotherapy with coaching creates physio-wellbeing coaching, this aims to empower you to achieve your health & wellbeing goals.  In Physio-wellbeing coaching physiotherapy knowledge and skills are enhanced with coaching knowledge and skills.  

All physiotherapy sessions include physio-wellbeing coaching.  You can have physio-wellbeing coaching even if you don’t have pain or a movement problem, for example to help with: stress management, confidence with movement, maximise your performance in a sport or at the gym, and improve your overall health and wellbeing.

We all have the ability to help ourselves, physio-wellbeing coaching empowers you to do this with greater knowledge and understanding.  You understand you best, physio-wellbeing coaching deepens your understanding through questioning, learning and taking action.

I integrate knowledge and skills from physiotherapy, pain science, neuro linguistic programming, life coaching, meditation & mindfulness, yoga and pilates, movement & exercise into physio-wellbeing coaching.  Moment by moment we take in information about the world around us through our five senses, the way we filter and store our representations creates our world.  Physio-wellbeing coaching will help you explore the relationships between how you think, communicate and your behaviour patterns.  This helps deepen understanding to hep you make choices to work towards your desired outcome.


You and Coaching

Why have physio-wellbeing coaching?

 Do you want to be able to do a particular sport or just be generally fitter? Do you want to prioritise the maintenance and improvement of your health & wellbeing? I can help you achieve your health & wellbeing goals through a tailored plan.  Physical and mental health go hand in hand, we work with both to create the changes you wish to achieve.

‘The acquirement & enjoyment of physical wellbeing, mental calm & spiritual peace are priceless to their possessors’~ Joseph Pilates


What to expect

Each appointment incorporates physio with wellbeing coaching and focuses on your goals, how things are changing, what has been helpful and what hasn’t.  We work jointly together to empower you to reach your desired outcome.


NLP Case Study

The Potential Benefits of Integrating Neuro Linguistic Programming with Physiotherapy for Patient Confidence and Functional Outcomes: a case study