‘Empowering you to move, do what you love & live well.’


I am passionate about using physiotherapy and coaching knowledge and skills to empower you to fulfil your potential, find the joy in movement and improve your wellbeing.  I work in partnership with people as we compassionately explore, deepen understanding and make changes.

Before leaving the NHS I worked in an acute hospital, where I completed my junior rotations, and then a specialist community stroke team (stroke is my specialist area within neurology).  I developed a specialism within persistent pain after specialising within neurology.  I have experience of working in a wide variety of areas within physiotherapy. 

I am committed to ongoing learning, including keeping up to date with research and attending courses. I am grateful to be able to learn from my patients every day.  I am committed to providing a high standard of physiotherapy and coaching for people with neurological conditions & persistent pain, and coaching for those not in need of physiotherapy. Everyone is treated as an individual with a holistic approach; mind & body are inextricably entwined.


Physiotherapy & how I work

I work in partnership with you, using individualised and innovative treatment, to create changes and help you achieve your goals.  Your story is important so this is where we start, it facilitates understanding of you and your condition.  You will always be fully compassionately listened to and guided to explore and deepen understanding as part of making changes.  This commonly includes exploring pain neurophysiology in a way that relates to you.  Often when pain persists or someone has a neurological condition the way they move changes.  Over time people often move less, lose the joy in movement, and change the activities they love.  I can help you explore to find that love of activities and movement again.  Relaxation, sleep, nutrition and movement are all inextricably interlinked, we will consider these and how they fit with you.  You are in control as I guide you through your rehabilitation and development of knowledge and skills to be able to manage your condition more easily and make changes.  I aim to help you develop confidence to continue your own recovery.