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Ann’s Book ‘Dancing through Life: A Guide to Living Well’ published in November 2020 and is now available to purchase on amazon:




There are many resources available, some are listed here to help you make a start exploring.



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Yoga –

Exercises for strength & balance

Gentle exercises sitting & standing



Explain Pain by David Butler & Lorimer Moseley.

Explain Pain Handbook, Protectometer by David Butler & Lorimer Moseley.

The Language of Pain by David Biro.

Neurocomic by Dr Matteo Farinella & Dr Hana Ros. 

Pain Heros by Alison Sim.

Painful Yarns: Metaphors and Stories to help understand the Biology of Pain by Lorimer Moseley.

The Compassionate Mind by Professor Paul Gilford

Compassion focused Therapy for Dummies by Dr Mary Welford

Understand Pain Live Well Again by Neil Pearson.



We offer workshops called Dancing through Life Despite Pain, Living Well for people struggling with persistent pain.

Free 8 week mindfulness course here


Case Studies

The Potential Benefits of Integrating Neuro Linguistic Programming with Physiotherapy for Patient Confidence and Functional Outcomes: a case study