Online Appointments

Unity Physiotherapy offers remote appointments using online platforms like Zoom and Skype.  This means if you live outside of Lincolnshire and you are struggling with persistent pain (also known as chronic pain) you can get help from the comfort of your own home.  Also, if you live in Lincolnshire this could be a a helpful option for you, especially when face to face appointments aren’t an option for you.

Remote appointments using video calls work especially well for pain coaching appointments.  Pain coaching appointments combine specialist physiotherapy and coaching knowledge and skills to create the most effective care for you.  This can be done really effectively using online platforms like Zoom.  Online appointments can also work for review appointments for some people living with neurological conditions.

Video calls enable us to understand you, the history of your problem, how things are for you right now and what you are struggling with, exactly as we would in clinic or on a home visit.   We can focus on what you can do, building exercise/activity tolerance and helping you progress towards your goals.  Although physical assessment is limited on a video call we can still observe how you are moving and do some observational assessment.   We can create an effective tailored treatment plan using video calls for you.

Here is some information on pain coaching at Unity Physiotherapy

If you would like more information on remote appointments and see whether this could be helpful for you please get in touch.  Ann at Unity Physiotherapy offers a free 20 minute consultation over the phone or Zoom to ensure you know what to expect and to help ensure that she is the right physiotherapist for you to see.