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Functional Nutrition & Pain


Nutrition is an important aspect of looking after our health & wellbeing and living well.  Exploring nutrition and making changes to your diet can be helpful as part of living well with pain.  Understanding how diet can support your immune system and other systems by, for example, decreasing pro-inflammatory foods and increasing anti-inflammatory ones, and ensuring  you have an adequate balance of nutrients in important in managing pain and making changes.

Ann is passionate about health and wellbeing and helping people to live well, she understands nutrition is an important part of this.  This is why Ann decided to do an in-depth certification in functional nutrition and chronic pain.  Functional nutrition is integrated into physiotherapy, it is not within the professional scope of practice, and so it is offered to you as functional nutrition coaching.  

Making changes with the food you eat may be part of helping yourself to live well.  Living well means combining different things that you feel are helpful for you in looking after yourself in the long-term, this includes a diet that supports your health & wellbeing.  Ann combines expertise in physiotherapy and coaching with nutrition to help you find the combination that works best for you.


How can nutrition coaching help you live well with pain?


Have you even heard that food is medicine?  It can be seen this way because it nourishes our body and mind when we make helpful food choices. What is right for one person isn’t right for another, although we all need to be getting a well balanced diet that provides a good balance of macronutrients, micronutrients and phytonutrients.  We explore what could be most helpful for you.

Your nutrition can help support things like: energy levels, your immune system, and how you feel. We use some general principles to explore what could be helpful for you in managing pain and optimising your health and wellbeing, there is no one size fits all approach.  It may be if you are struggling with pain that a certain diet, for example, an anti-inflammatory one, could help support you, this is something we can explore.

Nutrition is one aspect of lifestyle medicine, others include sleep, stress management and exercise.  Nutrition and lifestyle changes can help you manage your pain and live well.  We all develop habits around food, sleep and exercise that may have once served us and no longer do.  Do you know what habits are helpful for you and which aren’t? 

As a physiotherapist and coach Ann can help you explore different aspects of your life to help you live well.  Managing and changing pain is not usually done by changing one thing, it usually needs exploration of different things to see what combination works for you.  This is why it is important to understand you in your world and what matters to you, this includes the food you eat and how you relate to this. 

There are times when it is more appropriate for people to see a Dietician, usually when there are other health conditions and complexities around this, if this is the case Ann can ask your GP to refer you to a Dietician or you can do this privately.


What I offer with Nutrition Therapy

Nutrition therapy can be done face to face or online, what ever works for you best.

Initial assessment includes a number of questionnaires as part of obtaining a detailed history.

Healthy eating guides tailored to you.

Exploration of your diet, consider factors like how pro-inflammatory it is and if you are getting adequate macronutrients & micronutrients.

Supplement advice (I stock Cytoplan products which you can purchase directly from me, from them directly, or you can source a different brand of supplements).