Pain Coaching

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Are you looking for freedom from persistent pain?


Pain coaching can help free you from your pain and help you learn to live well again.   Commonly people come and see Ann who are frustrated and tired of trying to get rid of pain and their quality of life is not what they would like it to be.  Freedom from the suffering associated pain is possible and pain can change, even if it doesn’t fully go away (it does for a small number of people).


Best practice for treating people with persistent pain is to work with mind and body, treating the whole person.  This is how Ann works with you and why she combines pain specialist physiotherapy with wellness coaching.    Understanding pain and the person, alongside treating each person as an individual is an essential part of making changes and freeing yourself from what feels restricting.  Your story will always be compassionately heard,  Ann understands the importance of this.  Working together we can free you from suffering and your struggle with pain and empower you to live well again.


What is Pain Coaching?


Pain coaching is physiotherapy for people with persistent pain (also called chronic pain), combined with wellness coaching. There is more information on wellness coaching Ann offers here 


Pain coaching aims to empower you to to take the steps towards your values and what you would like to achieve, as well as being able to move with more ease, overall improving your quality of life.  We focus on decreasing suffering, your values based goals, what’s meaningful to you, and creating wellness.  Understanding pain neuroscience has been shown to be helpful in changing pain, so we explore this in a way that is relevant to you, building on your understanding of pain and what is helpful for you.  It is important to remember pain can change, many things are needed for change including: time, persistence, practice, patience and compassion.



‘Empowering you to move with more ease, do what you love & live well’


Through tailoring pain coaching to meet individual needs Ann has helped many people with pain, she has also learnt to live well with pain and you can too. Creating optimal health and wellbeing is a daily habit, a way of living.  We will explore what healthy habits are best for you, what creates and nurtures wellness, what skills and strategies you can use to work towards your goals and living well in the longterm.  Learning to live well with pain and changing pain takes understanding, commitment and practice,  Ann believes change is always possible.



What to expect


After an initial assessment, where the aim is to understand you and the problems you are having and set some values aligned goals, we create a tailored treatment programme together.    This commonly includes:

  • Understanding pain in a way that helps you navigate towards living well again
  • Exploring your values & ensuring these are aligned with your goals
  • Strategies to acknowledge & unhook from unhelpful thoughts and feelings without pushing them away
  • Building exercise tolerance, which commonly includes cardiovascular, flexibility and strength based exercises
  • Yoga, if this is something you would like to explore
  • Graded activity (gradually building tolerance to the activities that you need, want & love to do).
  • Gentle hands on treatment may be included to help clam down sensitivity.
  • Mindful based practices to help build awareness, psychological flexibility and calm your nervous system & body
  • Imagery/visualisation practices to help calm your nervous system and build efficient movement patterns.  (Imagining movement using the same neural pathways as physical movement does).
  • Breathing practices to help calm your nervous system and understand how breathing easily changes your physiological state
  • Working with heart rate variability (to improve the function of the autonomic nervous system).
  • Looking at what lifestyle changes could be helpful for you, including nutrition changes
  • Looking at what can hep you get enough good quality sleep.


Who do we see?


People need to have seen a musculoskeletal physio first and have a diagnosis (the diagnosis may be persistent or chronic pain, or it could be another diagnosis).  Common persistent pain conditions include: persistent low back pain, arthritis, migraines, headaches, persistent/chronic neck pain, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome (ME), chronic pain, persistent pain, chronic regional pain syndrome (CRPS).


As Ann is also a neurological physiotherapist with a stroke specialism, she also commonly sees people who have functional neurological disorder and pain.


Wherever you live you can see Ann as she offers pain coaching via Skype or Zoom.  So if you are unable to get to clinic and don’t live locally enough for a home visit you can still work with Ann to make the changes you would like to see and change your struggle with pain and/or fatigue.


Get in touch


If you would like to find out if pain coaching is right for you get in touch.  Ann offers a free up to 15 minute phone call or video call to help you decide if working with her is right for you.