Physiotherapist Led Classes

All class numbers are small to ensure you get ongoing guidance and to help ensure classes are as safe and effective as possible. All classes are led by fully qualified and experienced physiotherapists. Classes require a 1:1 assessment prior to joining, for some classes such as the Parkinson’s class two or three 1:1’s are needed. Sometimes 1:1 sessions are more appropriate for you, this will be discussed at your initial assessment if appropriate.


These classes are suitable for everyone. Physiotherapy knowledge and skills are combined with pilates to create high quality classes that are safe and effective for everyone. Ann also combines yoga knowledge from self-practice and two courses attended led by physiotherapists who are also yoga teachers into her pilates classes.

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Neuro Pilates

These classes combine pilates and physiotherapy knowledge and skills with specialist neurology knowledge. There are seated options throughout the class.

Parkinson’s Class

This class is circuit based and incorporates the principles of PD Warrior.  The exercises are fun, challenging and neuroprotective (helping to protect the remaining dopamine producing cells).  The exercises target the things commonly affected in Parkinson’s Disease. There is a 10 week challenge as part of this- you choose a task you wish to change before starting the classes and see how this changes during the classes and after 10 weeks.

Stroke class

This class is for anyone who can sit to stand safely and independently and can mobilise with or without a walking aid. There are a mixture of standing and seated exercises which are adapted on an individual basis.  Classes will focus on different aspects of movement, including: range of movement, strength, movement control and balance.  We will also work with breath and body awareness to help concentration, movement and aid relaxation.

Falls Prevention Workshops

These will be available from early in 2018 and will run in a series or workshops of 4-6 weeks. Please send an email Ann to be added to the waiting list.

Persistent Pain Workshops

These workshops are for people with persistent pain, also known as chronic pain. They are run by pain specialist physiotherapist Ann Parkinson. Please email Ann to register your interest.

Current Class Timetable

Beginners Pilates:
Thursday 9.30 – 10.20/10.25am

Intermediate Pilates:
Monday 7.15pm – 8.05/8.10pm
Monday 6pm – 6.50/6.55pm (full)

If there is a class you would like to attend and are unable due to the time please let us know and we will register interest for further classes.