Physiotherapist Led Pilates Classes

‘Finding balance & flow through breath & movement’

‘Change happens through movement and movement heals’ – Joseph Pilates

Why do physiotherapist led pilates classes?

Physiotherapist led pilates classes combine physiotherapy knowledge and skills with pilates creating high quality classes that are safe & effective for everyone.  Physiotherapists are classed as movement specialists as we understand movement and the body in an in-depth way, especially pain and function. Physio-pilates classes can help change pain and improve many aspects of movement including: coordination, balance and precision.  When taught by a specialist, like a physiotherapist, pilates exercises can help: improve performance in sports and hobbies, enhance rehabilitation, encourage healthy ageing, and aid management of some neurological conditions.  Classes can help you to learn to move with ease, as well as being challenged, whilst improving the many aspects of movement. Pilates can help as part of a varied exercise routine to help you keep doing the things that are important to you.

About Pilates

Pilates was developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920’s, his original method was based on 34 matwork exercises. He based his work on the three principles of breath, whole body health and whole body commitment. Pilates aims to exercise the whole body with awareness.

The Australian Physiotherapy & Pilates Institute (APPI), with whom I undertook pilates training, revised the original 34 pilates exercises based on pain, pathology and function to make them safer and suitable for everyone. Pilates focuses on breath and body awareness, core stability, balance, rhythm, precision, integration and flow of movement. Pilates can help all of these, along with flexibility of movement and endurance.


Who are physiotherapist led pilates classes for?

Pilates can be helpful for everyone, young or old, people with persistent pain and those without ongoing pain.  Classes are suitable for you if you have specific goals or if you simply know you want to improve your fitness and help maintain your overall health & wellbeing.  Pilates, along with other exercise, can help you keep doing the activities and things that mean the most to you.  Physiotherapist led classes are tailored and adapted making them safe and effective for everyone.  


Classes are run in 6 week blocks, with gradual progression during each block.  Numbers are kept small with a maximum of 7-8 participants, helping to ensure classes are safe, effective and that everyone gets ongoing supervision. Exercises are a combination of standing and laying mat based exercises combined with equipment based exercises.  Classes are run on a beginner and intermediate level at present, you will be in a class with others of a similar level.

A 1:1 is a prerequisite of joining a class to assess your pilates level, take consideration of any pain, and teach you the pilates basics ready for your first class. This is important for your self awareness, understanding of pilates and safety and efficiency of the classes.  The 1:1 assessment has been valued by everyone including those that have practiced pilates for many years.  You can also book 1:1’s at intervals to suit you to help you maximise home practice and get the most out of classes.  

I practice pilates and yoga myself, some yoga principles are also integrated into the pilates classes.


You and Pilates