Wellness Coaching

‘Empowering You To Move With More Ease, Do What You Love & Live Well’


What is Wellness Coaching?


Wellness coaching at Unity Physiotherapy & Wellbeing integrates different aspects of lifestyle medicine into coaching.  There are other terms for wellness coaching, mainly wellbeing coaching, health & wellbeing coaching and health & wellness coaching.  Mental health & physical health cannot truly be split, they are inextricably interlinked.  This is why Ann integrates the knowledge and skills from the many of the body and mind areas she has studied into coaching.

Our health & wellbeing affects all aspects of life and vice versa.  Some of the many factors that affect our health & wellbeing include: stress, eating habits, physical activity, sleep, our thinking habits and beliefs, behaviours, mindsets, and our self-talk.  Wellness coaching can help you explore different aspects of wellbeing and discover what changes could be helpful for you in living well.

Ann is a trained chartered physiotherapist, life coach, neurolinguistic programming (NLP) practitioner, meditation and yoga teacher.  She also has a certification in functional nutrition & chronic pain, myofascial & integrative fascial release, and has done extensive training in compassion focused therapy (also called compassionate mind training), along with some training in acceptance and commitment therapy.



‘The acquirement & enjoyment of physical wellbeing, mental calm & spiritual peace are priceless to their possessors’~ Joseph Pilates



How Can Wellness Coaching Help You, What Would You Like?


Would You Like:

  • a better life balance?
  • to be less self-critical?
  • to nurture self-compassion & compassion for others?
  • to improve your self-care?
  • to change habits, including overthinking?
  • increase clarity or a change of focus?
  • to feel less stressed?
  • to change direction?
  • to be able to do a particular sport or just be generally fitter?
  • to feel less anxious?
  • to sleep better?
  • to learn to relax more easily?
  • increased confidence in general or with something specific?
  • to move from how you are being (a way of showing up each day) now to a way of being that’s more in-line with your values and purpose?
  • to live well and be your best self everyday?
  • Or something else?


Coaching can help with all of the above and more, including with: self-awareness, stress management, confidence, work performance, happiness, being your best self every day, understanding your values and living values aligned, maximising your performance in exercise/sports and hobbies, and improving your overall health and wellbeing. 



‘If we hope to go anywhere or develop ourselves in any way, we can only step from where we are standing.  If we don’t really know where we are standing….We may only go in circles’ ~ Jon Kabat-Zinn



What to expect


We all have the ability to help ourselves, you understand you best, coaching empowers you to make choices with greater knowledge and understanding.  Coaching with Ann will deepen your understanding through questioning and compassionate exploration.  We usually explore your values as these guide, inspire and motivate us, as well as being a compass for living a meaningful and purposeful life.  When we are living out of line with our values it often affects our wellbeing and happiness.  


Ann takes an embodied, or somatic approach to coaching, which basically means noticing how something like stress or anxiety is showing up in your body.  This is done through guiding compassionate exploration.  Connecting to our bodies is really important as we commonly disconnect from them due to, such as trauma, anxiety, stress, not feeling good enough, persistent pain and many more reasons.  Following exploration a variety of practices are used to help you create what would be more nurturing and helps you to achieve your goals.  We will work jointly together to empower you to reach your desired health & wellbeing goals.


Ann always work within her knowledge and skills base, sometimes it’s more appropriate for you to see another professional, like a psychologist, if this is the case Ann can work alongside them with you if this is helpful.


Ann offers a free up to 15 minute call to discuss if wellness coaching could help you, get in touch to book this call.




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