Nicola, Lincoln

After injuring my hip in a riding fall I had treatment by a physiotherapist. He recommended Pilates as a way of strengthening the muscles that support my core. Lucky for me I discovered Ann, a physiotherapist that takes a pilates class. Before enrolling in the class Ann carried out a thorough assessment so she knew exactly what issues/problems I had with movement & joints. This gave me confidence & reassurance that I wouldn’t have any difficulties in the class as the hip problem could be painful. The detail to the exercises Ann gives has taught me how important it is to understand each movement & the parts of the body that should be moving. How breathing helps us understand our bodies movement mechanisms. Relaxation is also a big part of the Pilates class & Ann teaches how to increase awareness of that. Already I am feeling the benefits of the class. My core is much stronger & my muscles don’t get as tired & tense as they did before causing me pain. I would recommend Ann’s class to everyone & especially those with joint or movement problems.