Stef, Lincoln

“I cannot praise the work of Ann Parkinson at Time To Be highly enough.  She has helped me get a quality of life back and given me effective methods to manage the chronic pain I suffer from. As a result of a car accident in early 2014, I sustained a serious back injury with significant nerve damage which has affected both my lower back and the use of my legs. Post spinal surgery, I received a short course of physio therapy via my GP. Whilst the support helped me to get my right leg to move once again, the level of pain I was experiencing in my back and legs remained unbearable. I was beside myself with both the excruciating pain and I couldn’t see how I could ever return to the workplace in the persistent condition I was in, despite surgery, acute pain medication, steroid injections and more. Well, that was until I met, Ann 7 months after my life changing accident!

I was immediately struck by her immense calmness and warmth as an individual that immediately puts you at ease.  Ann listens and importantly ‘hears’ how chronic pain affects you and your life, how pain fluctuates and what difficulties it presents. She has used hands on techniques to help my mobility in my body but more importantly she has taught me whilst treating me the techniques she uses to help reduce and manage my pain levels outside my regular appointments with her.  I have learned how to meditate, how to breathe properly for the first time in my life (yes apparently I was doing it all wrong!!), how to use visualisation to manage my pain and strengthening exercises to improve my stamina which has been significantly impacted by my pain.  Ann has enabled me to get my positivity back about life and see that I can still enjoy life as I used to, I just need to plan a little bit more, take my time and breathe! She really helps your mind and body come together as a united force – I now have a toolkit of techniques to help me manage my chronic pain depending on what I am experiencing day to day.

I have a ‘whole body awareness’ and an improved positive outlook on life with my disability all thanks to Ann. I have now returned to work and enjoying being in a team environment once again.  – I couldn’t have got this far without Ann – I would recommend her to anyone.”