Wellness at Work

‘Empowering People to Thrive at Work’


 Why Wellness at Work Matters



Sickness rates are a concern for all businesses and this is one of the many reasons why supporting wellness at work matters.  Interestingly, according to the Office for National Statistics, UK rates fell to 1.8% in 2020.  A number of factors could have influenced this, including social distancing and people being furloughed, flexible working and increased self-care.  The most common reasons for sickness absence are minor illness, musculoskeletal disorders, stress, anxiety and other mental health conditions.  Minor illness are more common when stress levels are high, this is because body and mind are inextricably interlinked.

Stress and anxiety are common and perhaps higher than normal right now with all the effects of the covid-19 pandemic, these are well known to impact  performance at work, motivation and engagement with our world around us, as well as negatively impacting our health over the long-term.  Ann, at Unity Physiotherapy & Wellbeing, offers workplace wellness programmes that respect the unity of body and mind and that can help to reduce, such as, stress and anxiety.


Another reason why initiatives supporting wellness at work matter is because these can improve performance, motivation and happiness at work.  Having happy, motivated and resilient people in the workplace can help productivity and enhance the business reputation too.


In the current time many employers are also finding it hard to help people feel safe & supported to return to the workplace after an extended period of working at home during the covid-19 pandemic.  Experiencing stress and anxiety about returning, and on returning, to the workplace after an extended period of working from home is understandable and to be expected, it is part of being human.  It is important to acknowledge this, as well as creating flexibility and support.  This encourages feelings of safeness, supporting people to feel more at ease and thrive as they return to a different workplace.  The services offered by Unity Physiotherapy & Wellbeing that help businesses to encourage wellness, can also help people to feel safe and supported at work.



Wellness at Work Has Many Influencers


Wellness at work requires us to look after our health & wellbeing both at work and at home, we cannot split work and home life as they have a bidirectional relationship.  Many factors affect wellness at work, such as, persistent pain and fatigue associated with the pain or other conditions like long covid and chronic fatigue (ME), chronic stress, high levels of self-criticism, and disconnection from our values and the company values.  Ann has specialised in working with people with pain and fatigue within her physiotherapy work.  Compassion is really important when someone is struggling with pain and/or fatigue and for us all too.  Compassion is a foundational part of all of our workplace wellness programme packages.  Compassion is one of Unity Physiotherapy & Wellbeing’s core values and one of Ann’s core personal values.



Compassion, Resilience & Wellness in The Workplace Programme


Our ‘Compassion, Resilience & Wellness in the Workplace’ tailored programme can help improve staff wellness, which in turn can impact absence rates.  This wellness coaching programme has compassion at the core, because when we build from a place of compassionate awareness it gives us a strong foundation to build wellness upon, which in turn nurtures our ability to thrive at work.  Compassion has been shown to have many benefits, including to: improve general wellbeing and resilience; decrease stress, anxiety, self-criticism, and burnout.  It has also been shown to encourage supportive relationships.  The packages we offer encourage compassion for oneself and others, increased productivity/efficiency, improved motivation at work, improved staff retention, increased resilience, and can help to create compassionate and flexible workplace environment. 


The ‘Compassion, Resilience & Wellness in the Workplace’ programme is tailored for the individual needs of each business, combining specialist physiotherapy and coaching for people with pain and/or fatigue, and wellness coaching for all staff.  Our wellness packages commonly include:


  • Specialist physiotherapy & coaching for people with persistent pain and/or fatigue
  • ‘Compassion, Resilience & Wellness in the Workplace’ comprises of a variety of workshop, including:
    • Compassionate mind training 
    • Stress management 
    • Encouraging resilience through a compassionate perspective
    • Encouraging what’s helpful (includes awareness and meditation workshops)
    • Motivation at work
    • Communication 
    • Yoga 1:1’s and group workshops



About Ann


Ann is the founder of Unity Physiotherapy & Wellbeing, she is a fully qualified physiotherapist who has specialised in the areas of persistent pain and neurology.  She also has a specialist interest in chronic fatigue and also in supporting people with long covid.  Ann also has qualifications in life coaching, neurolinguistic programming (NLP) and is a qualified yoga teacher.  She has done a number of trainings in compassionate mind training (CMT) & acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), which are blended with life coaching, NLP and other training to form wellness coaching.  She has also written a book, which published in November 2020, this covers different aspects of wellness, including compassion, and aims to empower people to look after their wellbeing & live well.  Ann practices yoga and CMT, and uses the principles of NLP and ACT, in her own life as well as teaching these.  You can find put more about Ann’s book here 




You can find out more about wellness coaching here https://www.unityphysio.co.uk/services/wellness-coaching/