Wellness at Work

‘Empowering People to Thrive at Work’


What is Wellness at Work?


Wellness at work requires us to look after our health & wellbeing both at work and at home.  Wellness at work includes creating ways of working that help us maximise wellness and be able to thrive at work.  Nurturing wellness at work helps us maintain effective performance at work and impacts our function outside of work too.  We cannot split work and home life as they have a bidirectional relationship, so wellness at work is also impacted by how we feel and function outside of work and vice versa.  

Many factors affect wellness at work, such as, persistent pain and fatigue associated with the pain or other conditions like long covid and chronic fatigue (ME), chronic stress, high levels of self-criticism, disconnection from our values and meaningful activities.  Ann has specialised in working with people with pain and fatigue within her physiotherapy work.  Compassion is really important when someone is struggling with pain and/or fatigue and for us all too.


Why does Compassion in the Workplace Matter?


Compassion is really important for us in all areas of life.  Self-compassion has been shown to be a protective factor for our wellbeing and can help reduce the risk of burnout.  It has been shown to help in a number of ways including improving: stress management, resilience, relationships and general wellbeing.  So, it’s really important in the workplace and this is offered within the core workplace workshops we provide.  Our human minds naturally focus on the negative and will judge and compare things, this along with societal norms commonly creates a lot of self-criticism and negatively affects our function and wellbeing.  The great news is our minds can be trained to be more compassionate, this helps to nurture our wellbeing and function in different environments.  Ann has been supporting people to nurture compassion and self-compassion for a number of years and practices this herself too.  Compassion is also one of Ann’s core personal and business values.


What We Offer

Ann offers corporate wellness packages to help maximise wellness at work (physical & mental health).  This could be specialist physiotherapy to help employees who are struggling due to persistent pain and/or fatigue to enable them to thrive at work.  Physiotherapy knowledge & skills are blended with coaching and yoga t0 create an integrative service that helps to maximise staff wellness.  One of the things Ann is passionate about is helping employers to create a sustainable and compassionate workplace for people who are struggling with pain and/or fatigue.  Ann offers a workshop and individual support to help employers create supportive & sustainable workplaces for people with pain and/or fatigue.

Ann also offers coaching and yoga for all employees to help maximise wellness and function at work and home.

What is offered is tailored for the individual business requirements.  This could be, for example, a one off workshop on compassionate mind training, or a series of workshops from our core workshops focusing on stress management.  It could be that a wellness package for all staff is what’s most helpful for your business right now, or maybe it is some tailored care to help people struggling with pain and/or fatigue, either way we can help.   The things that have been mentioned on this page are simply suggestions, Ann can tailor a package for your business needs, combining specialist physiotherapy, yoga and coaching through discussion with you.


If you would like to learn more about how Unity Physiotherapy & Wellbeing can help you maximise your staff’s physical & mental health get in touch with Ann.


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