‘Become Present In Your Body Compassionately Through Yoga’ ~ Ann Parkinson


Yoga at Unity Physiotherapy & Wellbeing


As a fully qualified yoga teacher Ann integrates yoga into physiotherapy, she is also pilates trained and so can integrate this into treatment if this is preferable.  Ann has integrated yoga & pilates into evidence based physiotherapy for many years and also ran classes for over 5 years.   In 2019 she chose to stop running classes to focus on 1:1 physiotherapy & wellness coaching, as well as to have a little more time to look after herself too.   


Yoga & pilates tailored by a physiotherapist can be safe for many conditions and both are helpful in rehabilitation & managing and changing pain.  Both encourage increased self-awareness and contribute to maintaining and improving wellbeing.


As a fully qualified yoga teacher Ann also integrates yoga into wellness coaching and also offers yoga workshops for small groups both face to face and online.  


Meditation is used within yoga, you can read a little about meditation here


How Yoga Can Help You


Yoga has many aspects, of which movement is one, and regular practice can help you in many ways, including: to deepen self-awareness, move with more ease, manage pain, live well and be able to do what you love.  It can improve many aspects of movement including: coordination, balance and fluidity, ease, strength, flexibility and more.  It has also been shown to improve things like: concentration, memory, focus, regulation of the stress response and sleep.


About Yoga


Yoga is an ancient philosophy that was first developed in India, it is often defined as union.  Yoga recognises that the mind and body are inextricably interlinked, the oneness of our whole being.  It incorporates physical movements (asanas), breath practices (pranayamas), meditation practices and yoga philosophy.


Physiotherapy and yoga are a great union, the two together help to tailor rehabilitation and empower you in improving your health and wellbeing.  Empowering you is one of Unity Physiotherapy’s philosophies and it is one of the many reasons Ann integrates yoga into physiotherapy.