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Empowering you to move, do what you love & live well


Unity Physiotherapy & Wellbeing, formerly Lincoln Neuro Physio, is a professional, caring Lincolnshire Physiotherapy Practice.  We specialise in high quality, person centred physiotherapy and coaching.


Unity Physiotherapy & Wellbeing provides physiotherapy for people with neurological conditions, persistent pain and balance problems. Physio-yoga and physio-pilates, meditation, acceptance & commitment therapy, compassion focused therapy (compassionate mind training), neuro-lingustic programming and coaching are integrated into physiotherapy.  We also provide specialist health & wellbeing coaching for people not requiring physiotherapy.  As part of coaching we can offer bespoke group coaching, for example, compassionate mind training for your team at work or for you and a group of friends.


Physiotherapy is a science based profession that treats the whole person as part of achieving health & wellbeing goals, or rehabilitation goals, and maximising health & wellbeing.  Physiotherapists have in-depth knowledge of human movement and function which is used in helping people achieve their goals.  We work jointly with people to achieve their goals and increase overall health & well-being.


Some of Unity physiotherapy & Wellbeing’s main business values are communication, clarity, compassion, creativity, change, and honesty.  Compassion is at the heart of care at Unity Physiotherapy & Wellbeing and is one of Ann’s core personal values.


One of the main philosophies of Unity Physiotherapy & Wellbeing is to empower you, to help you to move with more ease, do what you love and live well.  Through understanding and exploration you can connect to what’s meaningful, calm your nervous system, and create new paths forwards.  We have a little saying about this:


‘Connect to yourself with compassion, Calm your nervous system, Create a meaningful life.’


‘Connect, calm, create’ has become a sort of mantra at Unity Physiotherapy & Wellbeing.  It evolved from a flash of inspiration when Ann was writing her book.  Connection to ourselves and others is crucial for our wellbeing.  We need to balance the busyness of modern society, which can overstimulate our threat systems, with calmness.  As well, there is always a need to calm the nervous system and body when pain persists.  


Unity Physiotherapy & Wellbeing is ideally placed for people throughout Lincoln and Lincolnshire as well as being accessible for those in Nottinghamshire, Humberside and South Yorkshire.


Ann, at Unity Physiotherapy & Wellbeing, offers a free 20 minute consultation over the phone or Zoom to ensure you know what to expect & to help ensure that she is the right physiotherapist for you to see.



How I work


Together we will explore different and creative ways of helping you move forwards and achieve your goals.  Communication, connection, compassion, creativity, and change are at the heart of what I do.  Good communication is vital and you will always be fully listened to, your story will be fully heard, I understand the importance of this.  I value the input of other professionals who may be involved in your care. I combine hands on treatment with exercise and education.

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What clients say

  • Going to someone as experienced as Ann has made a great deal of difference to my mobility. Having suffered a brain haemorrhage that paralysed my right side, the gradual therapy treatment is bringing movement and sensations back into once lifeless limbs.

    -Rob, Lincoln
  • On my first visit to Ann I found her very friendly, relaxed and professional approach immediately put me at ease. Ann possesses a wealth of knowledge, which gave me great confidence in her abilities, particularly as I have two uncommon neuromuscular conditions...

    -Anne, Lincoln
  • 'Ann has enabled me to get my positivity back about life and see that I can still enjoy life as I used to, I just need to plan a little bit more, take my time and breathe! She really helps your mind and body come together as a united force – I now have a toolkit of techniques to help me manage my chronic pain depending on what I am experiencing day to day.'

    -Stef, Lincoln
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